Who we are

Oro Genesi is a small goldsmith’s shop founded in 2002. It is situated in the historic center of Porto Torres, a small port of tourist transit in the north of Sardinia.

Laboratory specialises in the creation, transformation and repair of gold and silver jewelry, with and without precious or semi-precious stones, corals and pearls.

Each jewel is also inspired and designed according to customers’ designs. The jewels are made with various methods: by modelling the object in wax, or by melting the metal itself.

The process of craftmanship  occurs in several stages: first metal smelting in the bracket, the preparation of the sheet and wire, the tunnel, embossing and chasing, the hammering, the stone setting, polishing.

These are the essential processes, typical of the goldsmith craft, which allow us create unique and tailor made jewelry.


“My name is Marcella, a goldsmith who creates and transforms metal into jewelry. I define myself as a solar girl, with a passion for arts and crafts.

My training began in 1992 at the Art Institute of Sassari, with a diploma of Applied Arts, specialized in Metals.  After my secondary school studies, I experimented with various combinations of silver and materials, such as wood and plexiglass, to create modern jewelry designs.

In 2000 I obtained the certificate of goldsmith at UnoAErre of Arezzo, which is one of the most renowned jewelry companies in Italy.

In the following years I continued my training and work experiences with several master goldsmiths, to then took ownership and artistic direction of the last workshop in which I worked, and thus “Oro Genesi was born, in 2002”.



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